2012 Birds on a Wire, Gasworks Art Park, Melbourne

2010 Masses of Sky, Pigment Gallery, Melbourne

2005 After Eden, Gasworks Art Park, Melbourne

1997 Figure Works, Garry McEwan Gallery, Melbourne




2012 Vale Street Artists, Vale St Studios, Melbourne

2008 Small Works Show, BSG Gallery, Melbourne

2005 The Discovery Art Show, Gasworks Art Park, Melbourne

2005 Linden Postcard Show, Linden Gallery, Melbourne

1999 Expressions from Within, Art and Soul Gallery, Melbourne

1996 Forms of the Figure, Caulfield Arts Complex, Melbourne

1992 Works from Life, The Lounge, Melbourne

1986 Group Exhibition, Women's Guild, Kuala Lumpur



2016 Portraits for 'Storm the Sky' music video

2017 Drawings for 'Storm the Sky' singles releases



2017 Master of Educational Psychology, University of Melbourne (first class honours)

2014 Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, University of Melbourne (first class honours)

2013 Graduate Diploma in Psychology, University of Melbourne

1999-2002 Master of Art Therapy, La Trobe University

1988-1989 Canberra School of Art, ACT

1985 Art Students' League, New York




Linking cognitive indices of sustained attention to behaviourial symptoms of ADHD, University of Melbourne, 2017 (first class honours)

Creativity and rumination: the problem of cognitive flexibility, University of Melbourne, 2014 (first class honours)

The creative process and change in art therapy, La Trobe University, 2002